Hello world!

by fleaflyfloo

Welcome to WordPress.com! Yes, friends, this is my very first post on wordpress.com. I think it’s time for the flea, the fly and the Floo to come out of hiding.

We have 1001 Alligator jokes. We have assembled in this half-lit zoo, a whole arena of fanciful characters that haven’t seen the light of day in millenia. We have Obama jokes, Clintonistical jokes, Bush jokes – in fact, we have all kinds of good clean jokes.
Remember, you can tell an alligator by how closely he resembles a democrat. They always want to take a bite out of your wallet. A good alligator will always try to blame someone else for the bite. That way, they can dress up in a suit, clap you on the back with their tail, and while you”re looking the other way, take a big ole bite out of your king size wallet – thus reducing it to a figment of your imagination.

Until next time, this is the fleaflyfloo.