by fleaflyfloo




It was a beautiful pass the quarterback threw. The Christmas parade was beautiful.  Teenagers sometimes use this word to describe how a car looks or runs.

Many a “beautiful” person has been mangled by a car wreck, perhaps by fire or even disease. Is beauty something that could be lost or broken by the stroke that left one side of the face limp or by the accident that left its victim a quadriplegic?  The world is desperately trying to find the most beautiful woman as they conduct the various “beauty contests”, even permeating the society of children.  While the grown-ups  are looking for Miss America or Miss Universe, the children are looking for Little Miss USA or thousands of other titles, all in the name of beauty.

Let me tell you what beauty is to me. It is a 15 year old girl that says “don’t hit my little brother,” or the two year old boy that tells his older brother “that’s O.K., I forgive you.” It is a mother coming home from work, doing all the chores that a stay-at-home mother does, even though she is too tired. Beauty is a 12 year old boy too embarrassed to say “I love you”, but mumbles it anyway.

Beauty is a pregnant woman stroking her tummy lovingly;  an elderly woman fussing over her grandkids; a wife warming her husband’s supper for the umpteenth time; and a father telling his son “I was worried about you, so I waited up.”

What is beautiful? Look inside the person, and you’ll find plenty of beauty you’ve never seen before.  God doesn’t make rejects. Everyone is beautiful. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  I have found all the beauty I will ever need: my wife and  my three children. For this I don’t need a beauty contest.


the wordmaster says:

❝I’d been thinking about this for a long time.❞

Windcrest says:
❝Flea23 – Ya hit the nail on the head. I’ll add this one to your list: A beautiful person is one who’s faced some of the most painful experiences life can throw at them, and has risen above it and gone on to be a ray of light in the world (whether that world is their own home, their town, or a forum like this one!)❞

Dranorter says:
❝Flea23 – I’ll tell you what I think. Beauty is being able to see someone. When you look at the stars, or at the sunset, and think you see beauty, it is because you are gaining understanding. The spectrum of the rainbow contains fundamental truth. The wide expanse of sea stretching far beyond what you can see, that shows you something about the world. Truths are beautiful.

❝With people, it is harder to see them because there is so much hidden within their minds. Physical beauty… makup… these are lies that attempt to show truths; a lot like historical fiction in a way. When they are successful at showing the truths, it is beautiful, but I have come to see most makeup as ugly for hiding truths that I’d prefer to see.

❝So much of a person is within their mind that it takes a lot to see the beauty of some people; especially when they put forth a false version of themselves. But there is so much truth within the mind that once you see it, it is more beautiful than the other truths, those of clouds and stars.❞

Nells1961 says:
❝Flea23 – The title is suited to this one. You have written it well and from the heart which makes it even more special. This one goes straight to the readers heart or it should. It did for me. Beauty is only skin deep. One of my faourite sayings. Its how one feels inside that matters. well done you potrayed it well ❞

Kganz said:
❝Flea23 – In my own little thoughts I loved what you said, but the first few lines were misleading. You are focusing on the beautiful small things in life, not the obvious and I don’t think that is what you were trying to say. Maybe you were trying to make light of the situation to show what you feel inside but I felt it missed a last step to make that apparent. I also have 3 kids, and I am a single mother. I appreciate your spectrum on beauty and that it comes in many forms of many people, and people that are not in the ideal realm of what the media throws out to us.

❝I applaud you at your thoughts of what matters. You’re writing about real difficulties and not what the media shows us, and not what our children are thought to think of as worthwhile and beautiful. You are right. Beauty comes in many different forms.❞