by fleaflyfloo


STORY #001


Robert Timothy Birmingham, the rich kid from Highland Park, had just put down his favorite book, HUCKLEBERRY FINN. Downstairs, his father called “Lights out, Tim. Vacation starts tomorrow, 6:00 O’clock sharp”.

At last, a chance to visit the land of his favorite heroes: Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. He knew he’d never be a Huck Finn, or have the same adventures as Tom Sawyer. He was still dreaming what he would do as he fell asleep.

When the family arrived at Sawyerville, Louisiana, confusion was prevalent. They were able to rent a cabin right on the park campground. Tim’s dad issued instructions to help clear away the baggage to the twins, Mary and Jerry, and his mother Susan, and big brother Ben. Little Terri Lynn was too little to help, so she was to keep track of the dog, Shamus.

At last everything was in place. Tim couldn’t wait for dark, for he couldn’t wait to gaze out upon the Mississippi River, just like Tom Sawyer.

“Hullo”, said a voice behind him.

“Hi, who are you”, replied Tim.

“Hank Finkel, what’s yours? Are you on vacation? How come you came here?” Tim smiled at the torrent of questions, for this is how friends were made.

“My name is Robert Timothy Birmingham and we’re going to spend a few days here in Sawyerville because I never get to anywhere to have fun.”

“Well”, suggested Hank, “I’ve got a raft. Why don’t you ride the raft dowhn the Mississippi with me”?

“Yeah”, was Tim’s instant reply, but my dad would never let me go.

“Who said anybody has to know. We’ll be back in an hour or two.”

‘This is heaven’, thought Tim as they floated down river. There was no one to see his extreme joy as Tim, Hank, and Hank’s dog floated majestically along. Somewhere to the right, a streak of light lit up the sky for a split second.

The silence was broken by Hank “It’s gonna rain on us before we get back”.

Tim quickly thought about the trouble he would get into once he got back, then replied “Let it rain, hank. We’re adventurers!”

Soon the wrath of the heaven’s were being felt. The storm was at full strength. It became impossible to hang onto the little raft. There was a small, sandy beach up ahead. If only they could reach it.

Suddenly, they heard someone yell at them from two different directions. A boat with two people in it were coming from one direction, and on the little beach, Tim recognized his dad’s car and the whole family was with him. All the confusion made Hank fall in the water. All Tim could think of was the trouble he was going to get in. He would never forget the wonderful adventure he had on the Mississippi.

“Robert Timothy Birmingham! Wake up! It’s time to start our vacation. It’s 6:30 already! We’ve got to get going. Robert groaned. The adventure on the Mississippi was only a dream. Today they were to leave for Disneyland to have a wonderful, dreary time. At least they could have named him Tom.

Larry M. Binion