by fleaflyfloo


POEM #098


Alone with no name

You are a faceless, nameless entity.

Stony people care not for your pain.

Your scream is like a pebble in the ocean

unnoticed, unseen, unfelt.


Lost in the crowd

A silent groaning beseeches

For a Mollifying paregoric that never comes.

Screams only echo to the top of your head.

Knots battle for control of your stomach.


You speak to a patron of stone:

Having heard does not want to hear;

Having seen, does not want to see;

Having felt, does not want to feel;

Having sensed, does not want to perceive.


Like they, you become seared and stony

You see the young person beside you:

A faceless, nameless entity.

His cry is like a pebble in the sea

unnoticed, unseen, unfelt.


the wordmaster says:

❝So many people, and yet so many people feel as if they don’t have a friend in the world.❞

AnnieOakLeaf says:

❝Flea23 – Whatever you do, Larry…don’t ever give up on the fact that your heart and your soul tell you you’re a writer. It’s hard to hold on to that faith in yourself. Take that brave heart of yours and attain…be what you wish to be…be what you are. You have a lot of power in your pieces, Larry…it is Larry that writes and the Flea that plays…and laughs and giggle and plays hide and go seek. Write..Larry. I know you can. You leave kernels of truth…and rings of drama and the depth of perceptions all over the place. You are NOT lost in a crowd…in fact..you’re something of a stand-out.❞