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Month: March, 2016



SONG #026


Big City are you waitin’
Big city are you waitin’ on me
Are you waitin’ on me?

When I left out of the city
I left it for a smaller town
Tryin to get back to the country
Just tryin to settle on down

Big City are you listenin’
Big city are you listenin’ to me
Are you listenin’ to me?

I had me a woman in the city
I loved her the best I could
She left me a cryin and a whinin’
Now I know I never should

Big city are you burnin’
Big city are you burnin’ your lights
Are you burnin’ your lights?

City’s been callin’ me back there
City’s been on my mind
Found a new love in the city.
City don’t let me unwind

Big city don’t be bringin’
Big city don’t be bringin’ me down
Don’t be bringin’ me down

Big City I won’t go hurtin’
Big city I won’t go hurtin’ no more
I won’t go hurtin’ no more.

Larry Binion

……………..I could not bring my passions from a common spring……..


Pristine Firsts

Pristine Firsts

That first kiss
the first date
the first time to give the heart away
Oh, to catch the joy only once partaken

The very first can only come once
Once here, it is gone
Joy is wasted on the youth
while old folks remember the thrill

Larry M. Binion


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